Client: Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet

Project: Review Aboriginal Women’s Health Service in NSW

CIR recently undertook a review and mapping exercise of an Aboriginal Women’s Health and Wellbeing Service for the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet.

The aim of the project was to establish a better understanding of Waminda’s business environment, to evaluate their program delivery and to recommend future opportunities for growth and improvement.

The project involved reviewing desktop data on their funding streams, grant acquittal processes, internal evaluation reports and high level information on client engagement with the service. It also involved a community engagement element, where CIR staff travelled on numerous occasions to meet with and interview community members, Board members, staff and clients.

As a female only service, interviews involved consulting with clients and staff who have experienced a broad range of issues relating to Domestic, Sexual or Family Violence, legal issues such as interactions with Family and Community Services in addition to general health and well-being. CIR staff were able to extract sensitively, valuable information around these issues to better inform the report due to their experience of working with Aboriginal communities and understanding the context of related issues.\\

The focus of these interviews, much like what is proposed for this project, was in part to understand service users and staff and needs, to drive innovative ideas and suggestions themselves, to improve the future of the organisation. Many of the recommendations in the final report, were gathered from these community conversations and are actively being considered by Waminda.

The final report included:

  • Important statistical information, providing an overview of the organisation’s funding environment and internal reporting outcomes
  • Summaries of community views and experiences of the services
  • Analysis of the key themes to have emerged from both a review of data and community interviews
  • Tangible recommendations to address key gaps and/or build on existing opportunities, based on the findings

The final report was well received by both the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet and Waminda. CIR travelled to Nowra to present the report to both parties at a joint meeting and to facilitate discussion around the key recommendations and outcomes.

CIR understands that the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet is currently using the outcomes of this report, to explore additional funding opportunities for Waminda under the Indigenous Advancement Strategy and other government employment grants and programs.

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