CIR and Urbis Partnership

CIR and Urbis have a strong partnership that has spanned many years. We have had a formal Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in place for over a year which solidifies the partnership and also promotes a cultural statement, under which both businesses operate.
CIR and Urbis draw on each other’s unique skills in evaluation, community and sector engagement, evaluation and economic analysis to bring a holistic and effective approach to a range of projects.

Our joint projects include large scale national evaluations such as the:

  • Review of the Indigenous Procurement Policy for the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet

  • Indigenous Pharmacy Review and the review of the Indigenous Legal Assistance Program for the Attorney General’s Department.

  • Indigenous Legal Assistance Program for the Attorney General’s Department.

  • Respecting the Difference Evaluation for NSW Health

  • Australian Nurse - Family Partnership Program Scoping Study and Design of Evaluation for the Department of Health

  • Torres Strait Islander Media Association Review

  • Evaluation of Joint Management National Parks for Parks Australia

  • Preventing Cycles of Family Violence Review for Health and Human Services Victoria

  • Social Impact Investing: Outcome Measurement Initiative Scoping Study for the Department of Human Services

As opposed to traditional subcontracting arrangements, we aim to bring together a combined team, where members from both businesses are embedded in all stages of a project and work under a collaborative decision-making model.

We also ensure that there are lead staff available to clients, to oversee and manage the project and through our co design process with clients, we can identify and draw on the appropriate resources and staff within the team, to suit the project needs.

Our MoU and partnership model is also anchored in a strengths-based approach which focusses our attention to opportunities and models of excellence that can be strengthened, mapped and scaled.