Gidgee Healing

Cultural Mapping and Cultural Safety Framework Development

Between 2018 and 2019, CIR was commissioned to undertake a review of Gidgee Healing’s policies and procedures to assess and make recommendations for a cultural safety framework. Gidgee Healing is an Aboriginal community-controlled health organisation based across central Queensland, centred in Mount Isa. The cultural safety framework was intended to create a culturally safe and secure environment for Gidgee’s employees, contractors and patients, and set standards for working with partner organisations.

CIR undertook a comprehensive review of current systems and developed a set of policies and resources including the Cultural Safety Framework. CIR’s initial review process consisted of undertaking a series of interviews with key staff, contractors, clients and representative bodies to review processes and operational practices. Multiple co-design workshops were held with key Gidgee Healing staff, contractors and committee members to develop the framework.

CIR also developed a phased program to implement the framework. The phased program included Gidgee implementing service wide inductions, local community cultural training, immersive cultural experiences within teams, cultural mentors and access to a cultural resource library.