NSW Mental Health Commission

Cox Inall Ridgeway worked in partnership with the NSW Mental Health Commission to manage media and public relations for the Gladesville Hospital Cemetery Memorial. The memorial was a NSW Government initiative to honour former residents, many of whom remain in unmarked graves on the site and to acknowledge the hurt suffered by many residents and their families.

Cox Inall Ridgeway worked in partnership with the Commission to interview survivors and capture their stories to raise awareness of the memorial event. We worked through survivors’ support people, the Commission as well as directly with individuals to discuss the safest and most appropriate ways to capture these stories. The interviews were led by our senior staff who have qualifications in both trauma informed care and mental health first aid. CIR also managed media coverage of the memorial launch to ensure journalists were aware of the “Mindframe” media reporting guidelines and how to facilitate safe and respectful coverage. The project involved ensuring Aboriginal perspectives and experiences were captured through engagement with respected Deputy Mental Health Commissioner Tom Brideson and First Nations Media.

The project resulted in a number of significant media stories, including a feature in the Sydney Morning Herald.