NSW Police

Not Our Way Campaign

In 2017, Cox Inall Ridgeway launched, in conjunction with the NSW Police Drug and Alcohol Coordination team, Aboriginal Community Liaison Officers (ACLOs), key health industry stakeholders as well as local Aboriginal elders and community members, a campaign aimed at raising awareness about the dangers of illegal drug use in Aboriginal communities in NSW. The ‘Not Our Way’ campaign consists of two videos that address the rising use of methylamphetamine (‘ice’), the illegal use of pharmaceuticals, and the associated health and safety risks to individuals’ and the wider community.

Resources such as youth-focused story books, booklets on health services working in recovery support are also available as part of the Not Our Way campaign. The focus of the campaign is to educate families and communities on the dangers of ‘ice’ and illegal pharmaceutical use by showing their short and long-term effects while sharing key signs for friends and families of those possibly affected.

Over the course of the project, Cox Inall Ridgeway project managed the campaign, including the development and delivery of resources, and the arrangement and delivery of 10 community consultations across NSW, multiple Advisory Group consultations, film shoots and content launches. The community consultations were undertaken with a clear understanding of issues affecting Aboriginal communities relating to drug use and misuse, including intergenerational trauma related issues and included consultations in Men’s Residential Rehabilitations, Aboriginal Medical Services and Lands Councils with community members.