Eora Journey

Economic Development Plan

The Eora Journey is the City of Sydney’s visionary project that celebrates the living culture of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community in Sydney. Eora means ‘the people’ in the Gadigal language, so the Eora Journey is ‘the people’s journey’.

One of four key Eora Journey projects is to develop an Economic Development Plan, which aims to assist in bringing about sustainability through a broad range of economic benefits for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. Cox Inall Ridgeway undertook a significant piece of Setting the Context research to inform the development of the Economic Development Plan.

Cox Inall Ridgeway undertook a mapping project to identify and analyse of projects, programs and services designed to provide education, training and economic development opportunities for the local community. This involved a comprehensive consultation process with individuals, business and organisations in Sydney to better understand perspectives on economic development as well as enterprise issues, needs, priorities and other potential development opportunities.

Second, CIR examined the role of local government bodies in improving the socio-economic circumstances of Indigenous and minority communities both in Australia and throughout the world. A series of recommendations relevant to the mapping and needs analysis was provided to the City of Sydney Council to assist it in considering the next steps towards developing an Economic Development Plan for Sydney’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.


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