Petrol Sniffing Prevention Program

The Department of Health and Ageing, in conjunction with BP Australia, is responsible for rolling out low aromatic unleaded petrol to parts of regional and remote Australia as part of the Petrol Sniffing Prevention Program (PSPP).

To support the Department’s efforts, Cox Inall Ridgeway implemented regionally focused communications and community engagement campaigns including the Kakadu and Central Desert regions in the Northern Territory and Goldfields region of Western Australia. Activities were aimed at providing Indigenous community members and key influences easy information about low aromatic petrol, explaining how the fuel would perform in car and boat engines and why it was being rolled out in the region.

We developed a culturally appropriate visual identity for banners, brochures and signage, organised event sponsorships, and delivered media relations activities including issues management.

The campaign helped ensure retailers both continued to sell or began selling low aromatic unleaded petrol in regions that face problems with petrol sniffing. Evaluations on the impact of low aromatic fuel have shown significant reductions in petrol sniffing and associated harms in the regions where the fuel is available.

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