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Transport for NSW

NSW ATN – Business Plan 2020

The NSW Aboriginal Transport Network (ATN) developed and launched a Strategic Plan for the period 2012 – 15. In 2015, Transport for NSW identified the need to build on this Strategic Plan and assist the ATN to move forward by developing a new Business Plan.

Transport for NSW engaged the services of Cox Inall Ridgeway to facilitate a Business Planning workshop to develop and test the ATN’s shared vision, goals and priorities to guide the organisation through the next stage of its development.

Cox Inall Ridgeway Partner Aden Ridgeway led a business planning meeting with NSW ATN Board Members over two days. The meeting allowed the board to reflect upon the challenges and achievements of the previous five years, with a view to developing a new plan to 2020 with greater focus.

Key drivers were about making the new plan more practical, focused on providing ‘do-able’ outcomes– that is, the priority was to develop a Big ‘A’ ‘Action Plan’ based on collaboration, partnerships, capacity-building and innovation. The newly revised and refreshed plan ensured key performance indicators so outcomes can be measured.

As a result, the vision and goals of the NSW ATN have also grown to a more holistic level, with the focus shifting away from the ATN board and members to a much wider network of stakeholders and community members.


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