Review of the Aboriginal Land Rights Act, New South Wales

The New South Wales Aboriginal Land Rights Act was enacted on 10 June, 1983. It was put in place to ensure that Aboriginal people would have rights to land, and in turn, provide the basis for social and economic benefits to flow from land ownership to Aboriginal people in NSW.

As required under the Act, it must be reviewed every five years to consider its efficiency and effectiveness in delivering positives outcomes for Aboriginal people in NSW. Cox Inall Ridgeway was employed to conduct a review of the Act in regards to one of five key areas identified as part of the 2012 review. This particularly concerned the regulatory framework of the Act.

Cox Inall Ridgeway facilitated a series of consultation meetings, both in one-on-one and roundtable format with stakeholders identified by the Office of the Registrar. We identified and captured key issues highlighted through the consultations process, and provided a set of 27 recommendations to the Registrar, Aboriginal Land Rights Act for the Minister’s consideration.

Implementation of the recommendations was to be considered through another consultation with Land Councils.

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