Transport for New South Wales

Research on the Travel Patterns of Older and Aged Aboriginal People

Access to transport is a key issue for Aboriginal people who need to travel to meet basic needs including medical services, social needs, work commitments, general shopping and other essentials as well as to meet family, community and cultural obligations.

Transport for New South Wales is exploring ways in which transport strategies can increase opportunities for older Aboriginal people across the State to participate in community life and make choices that can enhance and support family and cultural obligations.

In 2013, Cox Inall Ridgeway conducted  a literature research project and also convened 16 consultation meetings with older and aged Aboriginal people across the state about transport issues and their needs.

Discussions were held regarding the types of trips undertaken over short, medium and long distance destinations, reasons trips sometimes are not undertaken and the benefits or difficulties older and aged Aborignal people experience around both day-to-day and special needs travel.

The study has given Transport for NSW a better understanding of the travel patterns of older and aged Aboriginal people, as well as issues concerning community, public and private transport provision across New South Wales. Recommendations from our report are informing the next phase of the project to develop innovative transport strategies to increase transport accessibility for older and aged Aboriginal people.

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