We walk and dance the talk.

We hear what people struggle to voice.

We interrupt conversations that are going nowhere.

We do the hard thing because it’s the right thing.

We are constructively impatient.

Cox Inall Ridgeway is a social change agency working to disrupt disadvantage in Indigenous communities.

The agency was born in 2007 from a partnership between Gumbaynggirr man and respected Aboriginal leader Dr Aden Ridgeway and Managing Director of Cox Inall Communications Tim Powell.

From our head office in Walsh Bay, Sydney, the land of the Eora Nation, and satellite offices in Brisbane and Melbourne, we deliver policy, research, evaluation, community engagement and creative communication projects across the country.

We are led by Australia’s most respected Aboriginal policy maker, visionary, creative thinker and problem solver, Dr Aden Ridgeway. Aden is supported by our team of emerging Aboriginal leaders and creative thinkers.

Cox Inall Ridgeway’s approach is to operate between the silos of government, corporates and communities in order to deliver stronger partnerships and better results for all parties.

Our goal is to facilitate and enable, strong and durable relations between Indigenous peoples, governments and corporations, through the work we do.

“The way we go about doing our business and approaching stakeholder engagement, we bring an authenticity to the process. We aren’t just detached consultants. We can bring much more of an empathy and understanding at a cultural level. We’ve been able to navigate that landscape, facilitate and re-interpret in the spaces between government, communities and corporations.”

– Dr Aden Ridgeway