Our Approach

Work in progress meeting - Cox Inall Ridgeway

We believe in using a three staged approach to achieving real change in policy, research or program development. Our approach commences with buy-in and ownership and moves through to the creation of new opportunities for Aboriginal peoples and organisations and ends with a role for service provision. Our model of operation focuses on the individual and the notion of self-reliance opposed to dependence.

Cox Inall Ridgeway model for increasing opportunities for Aboriginal peoples and reducing dependence. 

Our Approach - Cox Innal Ridgeway

1. The notion of ‘buy-in and ownership’ where individuals take ownership of a space or issue;
2. The ‘creation of new opportunities’ where communities deliver services / initiatives for themselves and others;
3. And ongoing ‘public service provision’ where the state is the main provider of services.

Our business believes in creating innovative pathways into the broader corporate sector and we employ a diverse group of people from all parts of the country.

We work in partnership with other Indigenous organisations to assist them in realising their vision. We also work closely with Indigenous groups to create a ‘two way’ relationship that gives young people opportunities for jobs and training, and allows communities to access a pool of corporate expertise and knowledge.

Cox Inall Ridgeway is uniquely placed to bring new opportunities to both Indigenous Australians and the wider Australian community. We are a leader in our field and have a proven record of success.


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